We specialize in implementing and customizing the following Salesforce™ products.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

Increase sales and improve customer relationships with Sales Cloud by Salesforce.

Sales Cloud boosts productivity and fosters revenue growth by centralizing sales activities on one platform. Empower your team to strengthen customer relationships and close deals faster with essential features like contact management, opportunity management, sales forecasting, process automation, mobile CRM, and revenue intelligence.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Service Cloud

Boost service efficiency and personalize every customer interaction with Service Cloud.

Give your reps a 360-degree view of the customer and reach solutions faster with AI-powered insights. Service Cloud helps you optimize your customer relationships by providing you with a complete understanding of the customer throughout their entire purchase journey. Operationalize the power of AI and receive intelligent upsell recommendations so you can provide your customers with the best solution possible. Service Cloud makes achieving what matters most easy, driving you to exceed customer expectations and scale your business while increasing efficiency.

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Salesforce Field Service Management

Field Service Management

Save time, increase productivity, enhance service quality, and effectively manage your team with Field Service Management.

Salesforce’s Field Service Management uses automation to rank job priority and intelligently select the representative who best fits the assignment based on skills, location, and business rules. Additionally, you will harness the power and scalability of virtual support by providing customers with the ability to schedule phone and video appointments through a customer portal. With Field Service Management, managers and dispatchers can utilize real-time data to make quick business decisions.

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Salesforce CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote)


Save time and provide precise quotes faster with Salesforce CPQ.

CPQ empowers your sales team to deliver accurate quotes across all viable product configurations. This smart sales software intelligently processes add-on features, customizations, quantities, and discounts making it possible for sales reps to provide exact pricing more efficiently. Accessible on any device, CPQ provides your team with a solution built for speed and ease of use.

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Salesforce Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud

Increase customer satisfaction by creating a connected experience across channels with Experience Cloud.

With Experience Cloud, your websites, portals, and applications work together to create a digital environment that truly places the customer at the forefront of your business. Meet your customers where they want to be served and provide them an experience that they will appreciate.

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Salesforce Service Cloud Voice

Service Cloud Voice

Strengthen service quality and achieve consistency across customer phone calls with Service Cloud Voice.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice takes your telephony solutions to the next level, by providing agents with access to one connected platform that offers a 360-degree view of the customer. Minimize customer wait times and personalize interactions with the power of artificial intelligence. Utilize AI to scan customer-agent calls to reach a solution faster and satisfy your customer. Additionally, Service Cloud Voice gives supervisors access to real-time insights so they can easily pinpoint areas in which agents need additional training.

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Salesforce Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement

Offer your customers stronger omni-channel support with Salesforce Digital Engagement.

Digital engagement elevates the quality and velocity of your customer service by providing you with a variety of response channels, ranging from chat bots, live chat, SMS, to Facebook Messenger. When used in conjunction with reports and dashboards, this tool provides your service and sales team with a complete history of customer interactions and helpful analytics to empower you to meet the needs of your customer faster.

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Salesforce Data Integration

Data Integration

Achieve integration across your business systems.

Different departments have different needs, which means you likely use a variety of systems to reach your business goals. Mamoon can help you achieve connection across these software platforms so you can maximize the efficiency and productivity of your teams. Whether using MuleSoft, Celigo, or another middleware, Mamoon will lead your team to success by crafting a solution that helps your systems work together.

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Salesforce Financials


Leverage Salesforce to automate your financial system requirements.

Capture the power of integration and automation with FinancialForce, a financial solution native to the Salesforce platform, or connect any other financial platform, from QuickBooks to NetSuite. As a cloud-based platform, FinancialForce allows your team to access the tools they need from anywhere. Your team will save time with standard key features like automated general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable, financial reporting, and more. Additionally, Mamoon can expand upon standard functionality, crafting custom solutions specifically tailored to your finance needs.

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Marketing Cloud

Do more with less.  Deliver customized personal customer engagement at scale with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud combines all your marketing channels in one place allowing you to send personalized messages, through the right channel, at the right time. Automate your marketing across email, social media, mobile apps, SMS, websites, and more to gain a unified view of your customer and reach new audiences with first-, second-, and third-party data. Engage buyers across the entire journey with dynamic and personalized campaigns to capture true marketing ROI.

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IMS/ERP Operations

IMS/ERP Operations

Let AscentERP centralize purchasing, logistics, operations, warehouse, sales, service, and finance teams all on the Salesforce platform.

Achieve complete visibility so your team can more effectively oversee inventory, order management, replenishment, warehouse mobility, and reverse logistics. With the support of Mamoon and Ascent, you will master inventory management and enterprise resource planning with a solution that centralizes your data. Ascent offers a host of products that will drive your team to enhance operations, boost revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.

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