Our Process

Build an AI-powered workflow to enhance your customer experience with customized, scalable 360 degree solutions designed specifically for your business

  • Business Process
    Discovery and Analysis

    We meet with you and closely analyze your current systems to determine how to improve functionality and create a seamless experience for your team.

  • Project Implementation

    After analyzing your processes, our team strategically devises the implementation plan, taking into consideration Salesforce licensing requirements, data migration, your business requirements, and integrations.

  • Custom System

    Now, it’s time to put the strategy into action. Our team builds a custom platform that satisfies business requirements and accelerates the growth of your business.

  • Demo of System

    We value transparency and efficiency, so we present what we have built to give you a complete picture of how we plan to optimize your business processes. Rather than a standard demo, we present a solution that is entirely customized to your business

  • Second Round of Discovery

    Following our demo, our team takes another look at your business requirements to account for any adjustments you would like to make.

  • System Modifications

    Next, we fine tune your system so that it precisely fits your needs.

  • User Acceptance Testing

    During this phase, users test the software to confirm that it is capable of completing the tasks it was designed to manage.

  • Power User Training

    In order to maximize the success of your new implementation, we provide the training necessary to ensure user adoption and understanding of how to use the platform for optimal results.

  • Project Launch

    It’s time for your system to go live!